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“In your space and in your face!” Is my instruction on how to use these herbal sprays. More than just an air freshener or perfume, they are actual remedies that are taken into the body through the olfactory system, our sense of smell, and goes directly to the Limbic area of the brain. Excellent medium for directly affecting the mood, emotions, regeneration of brain cells and strengthening the central nervous system. Purifying the air in your immediate space, killing airborne microbes and creating ozone. Breathing in sprays through the nasal passages goes into your respiratory system, past the pharynx, larynx track into the bronchi of the lungs and into the blood. Synthetic perfumes and fragrances, stop somewhere in the sinuses and proceed to give us a headache and have no therapeutic properties.


Penetrating and moisturizing. Grapeseed oil as the carrier base is blended with pure essential oils, with intent. These oils are applied directly to the skin and are transdermal (through the skin), penetrate and enter the blood stream via capillaries and intercellular fluid. Moisturizing the surface of the skin and taking in the healing properties of the botanicals. They are more effective, free of pollutants and synthetic irritants. Gentle enough for everyday moisturizing and massage.


Protects while penetrating. Similar to the oils, healing properties make their way to the blood through the skin, with the addition of bee’s wax. This medium provies extra protection to the surface of the skin while oils, and herbs penetrate to nourish.


Pacify the skins surface and microbial environment. For “drying up” and cooling the surface of the skin. Excessive moisture and sweat creates a breeding ground for bacterial and/or fungal overgrowths. Corn powders ability to “dry up” instead of “dry out”, creates a balanced surface climate on the skin. Aids oozing and weeping sores and rashes.


Custom blends can be created for customers and their special needs. Feel free to call the Herb Shed regarding your needs for that special remedy. “Pila Mayapelo (Thank you)


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